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The quickest way to get a quote from us is to call 416-402-4858 (Greater Toronto Area) or 905-233-4330 (Oshawa Area). We will then go over your requirements including:

  • Your contact information
  • An overview of your requirements
  • If you already have a website or domain name
  • The look and feel
  • The functionality
  • Marketing strategies

If it is necessary for a face-to-face meeting, we will set one up and you can come in to our Oshawa office. If you prefer to communicate via Email or Skype, send us an email at info@deer-creek.ca and someone will get back to you shortly. Once we have most of your requirements, we will provide you with an estimate. Contact us today.

We have been serving the Durham Region since 2001. Deer Creek Enterprise was conceived in the Town of Ajax, Ontario by Michael Bernardo, and named after a nearby creek. Michael has been building and project managing websites, servers, databases, and local area networks since 1996. Today, Deer Creek Enterprise is a privately held corporation with employees in Oshawa, and business partners and alliances located in several cities in Ontario including Kitchener, St. Catherine’s, Hamilton, Toronto, Pickering. 99% of our websites are made in Canada for Canadians by Canadians. Our combined years of experience will ensure your project is delivered on time, and on budget. Call us today.

Sure we can. Many of our clients have very vague descriptions of their ideas. Our job is to ask the right questions that will allow both us and the client to discover what the end result may be. If the project is very large, we can take a phased approach which allows us to set smaller but achievable objectives towards the final goal. You have ideas, we can turn them into reality. Talk to us today.

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, and cheques. If you are paying by cash, you must hand it in person either by coming into our office, or during a face-to-face meeting. Never send cash in the mail. Ready to get started? Call us today.

Yes we do. Most of our customers would rather focus their time on building their business instead of spending the time learning HTML and web programming. That is why we offer Service Contracts that will guarantee you a certain number of hours at a discounted rate over the term of the contract. You will receive prompt service as if you had a full-time webmaster but without the costs associated with a full-time employee. You only need to provide us the content you wish to add, the frequency, and we will do it for you. The Service Contract can be used to update content, add additional content, add additional features, or general consulting.